Commercial interior design company Design Tonic are proud to announce the launch of DT Sports.

This Leeds business brings its signature people-centred, contemporary, and innovative flair to its roster of projects, from huge-scale restaurants, residential property, and office spaces to independent local businesses.

Five years after its 2019 launch, the firm expands this year, with a new arm created specifically to cater for sports design projects.

Growth across the Sports sector
Design Tonic has undertaken many exciting projects and commissions across the sports sector, working with everyone from Leeds United Football Club, Yorkshire County Cricket Club to Manchester United.

The demand for their unique approach to contemporary interiors has prompted the launch of the company’s new wing - DT Sports.

With a new string to their bow, DT Sports should ensure that Design Tonic can expand further into the sports and hospitality field, whilst retaining tailored DT teams for residential, office, and entertaining spaces.

The DT Sports arm of the business consists of a specialist team working with large stadiums across the UK. They can work with all sports spaces, from training and ‘back of house’ spaces such as changing facilities to customer-centred, front-of-house, hospitality spaces such as bars, stands, and boxes. The team will continue to inject that unique DT vision - for community, design, and innovation - into these sports projects.

Building on a track record of sports design successes
Previous projects for the company have seen them re-envision, redesign, and refurbish renowned sports spaces across the North.

For LUFC, the firm committed large-scale redesign and refurb for all of the South Stand, boxes, and bars, as well as working with Heineken on the Heineken lounge. They also created new media suites at Elland Road and Thorpe Arch, as well as new training facilities such as a gym, reception, and first team changing rooms, at Thorpe Arch.

For YCCC, Design Tonic has undertaken the full redesign and refurbishment of the Hawke Suite and Long Rooms, the first team changing room, the Parents & Friends lounge, and a new ‘seat unique’ terrace at Edgbaston.

Meanwhile, for Manchester United, Design Tonic redesigned the Boxes for Adidas, Team Viewer, Doo Group, and Estée Lauder.

Amanda Cooke, founder said: “We’re so excited to announce the expansion of the Design Tonic business with the launch of DT Sports. We’ve got massive passion for sports across the team, so it was a dream come true to launch this specialist arm.

We already have upcoming DT Sports projects in the works, with exciting LUFC developments nearing launch. It’s great for our team to be able to create these specialist spaces, catering to the players, the back-of-house staff, the media, and the spectators, too.”