Yorkshire-based property compliance platform provider Crysp are continuing to grow, and have announced 25 recent contract wins with facilities management clients.

Crysp’s digital platform enables property managers to create a single view, real time picture of their compliance with building inspections, and health & safety legislation.

Pete Mills, the founder of the firm, explains: “Crysp is property compliance, simplified. Keeping buildings operational and safe is a significant task, so we developed a solution that enables property managers to move from mislaid documents and outdated manual systems, to a digital platform enabling all safety requirements and records to be centrally managed.

“Property managers tell us that Crysp saves them time and reduces their risk of non-compliance.”

Crysp have clients across many sectors including commercial office space, retail, beauty, GP and dental practices and large property portfolio holders.

The online system is backed by expert fire risk assessment, and workplace health & safety inspections, where required.

Crysp can serve single site premises, though their clients are often multi-site organisations, who would otherwise struggle to plan and manage the demanding maintenance and safety compliance requirements associated with a large operation.

The firm, founded in 2020 by Stuart Harlow and Pete Mills, has continued to thrive with national and international clients on their books. In 2021 the team received a strategic investment from business accelerator TwinklHive.

Pete Mills says: “Like many new businesses, we were looking to solve a complex problem with a simple solution. Fundamentally, property compliance and health & safety is about keeping people safe and well - yet because of the poor systems and processes and the “un-sexiness” of it all, this space has been long overlooked. We recognised that we could radically disrupt this market.

“The continuing success of Crysp illustrates that our property compliance solution is meeting a real need for property managers, who face a wide range of maintenance and health & safety demands.”