Vencomatic UK is the exclusive dealer for Vencomatic and Prinzen equipment based in Thirsk, providing local jobs and a valuable service to farmers.

They are market leaders in high welfare poultry housing; always cage free and egg handling equipment. Vencomatic UK’s owner Dr. Leon Furlong is retiring, to focus on his high welfare farm, Sally Farms, near Helperby North Yorkshire. The Dutch group company is acquiring the UK dealership, continuing to provide for its UK customers and to maintain job security for all employees. Lottie van de Ven (pictured) is the CEO of Vencomatic group BV and was in Thirsk to thank Dr. Furlong for his hard work in developing the company within the UK.

In a statement for the group company, “The Vencomatic UK distributor is becoming part of the Vencomatic Group which brings us one step closer to our customers.”

Later saying, “This facilitates more direct communication between our farmers and our product innovation teams, allowing us to listen carefully to their needs and provide even better solutions.”

In a statement from Dr Furlong, “The ownership of Vencomatic Poultry UK by Vencomatic Netherlands will strengthen the customer support and care which we give to our UK customers”

Jim Moore, a local to Thirsk, will lead the UK team he commented “this is a great opportunity to continue growing our customer base in the UK and through the team here in Thirsk and our engineers based across the uk we will continue to offer first class service to our farmers”