Bitcoin is more than just an investment; it can also be used to make charitable donations. That's why on November 29th, crypto enthusiasts around the world will be taking part in Crypto Giving Tuesday. Just as Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the holiday shopping season, Crypto Giving Tuesday is a day for people to show their support for charities and non-profit organisations that accept cryptocurrency donations.

Penny Appeal, a Yorkshire-based Muslim charity, is one such organisation. The charity hopes Crypto Giving Tuesday will bring digital donations to support their life-saving work supporting the victims of the Pakistan floods.

Penny Appeal has been utilising crypto giving platforms like The Giving Block to make it easy for cryptocurrency holders to donate using their digital assets. Their projects include humanitarian response work, solar-powered water wells, climate smart villages and education sponsorships for orphans. They currently have their sights set on building permanent homes in Pakistan for those who have lost everything in the floods.

"We're extremely excited to be able to receive cryptocurrency donations," says Adeem Younis, founder of Penny Appeal. "Cryptocurrency is playing an increasingly important role in philanthropy, and we hope that Crypto Giving Tuesday will encourage more people to donate cryptocurrencies to support life-saving aid for millions of victims of the Pakistan floods".

Crypto Giving Tuesday takes place on November 29th, 2022. Last year, the day raised a total of $2,401,000 and saw non-profit participation rise by 839%, according to data provided by The Giving Block.

This year, the team behind Crypto Giving Tuesday is hoping to build on that success and raise even more money for charity.