Pegasus World Holding, based in Leeds and founded and managed by leading UK entrepreneur Ivan Zhou, has announced a massive increase in turnover.

The company has witnessed a phenomenal surge in its turnover, rising from £8 million to £13 million during the last year.

This expansion has been mirrored in Pegasus’s occupation of the cutting-edge, 75,000-square-foot Curo House within the award-winning Logic Leeds business park, a testament to the company’s success.

Comprising three robust divisions—Pegasus Group, Pegasus Investment, and Curo Fulfilment—Pegasus World Holding represents a corporation of efficiency, innovation and excellence.

Ivan Zhou, the architect behind Pegasus' success, explained: “The significant increase in turnover during the past 12 months is a resounding endorsement of what we do and a wonderful reflection on the hard work and commitment of our employees.”

Since its inception in 2006, Pegasus has been a stalwart in sourcing top-tier textiles, medical, and hygiene products from leading global manufacturers, with a razor-sharp focus on delivering quality across the UK. The operational backbone of the business showcases an intricate network of quality control, ensuring that goods are meticulously vetted and delivered with precision.

Steeped in the ethos of unwavering strategic partnership and trust, Ivan commented: “Our global business is built on these foundational pillars. Our commitment to positive impacts on our customers and suppliers, fostering healthy and empowering relationships."

Indeed, Pegasus World commands a significant segment of the UK's hospitality textiles market, a reflection of its unparalleled service and client trust.
Occupying two iconic buildings within Logic Leeds—Curo House and the 31,000-square-foot Pegasus House—the company's physical presence is as commanding as its industry standing.

"Our passion and aspiration have propelled us from a modest inception to a powerhouse of global influence, ceaselessly pursuing innovation," explained Ivan.

He said: “Pegasus World doesn't just champion economic success but pioneers sustainable practices through its initiative, Pegasus Better World, advocating for a business paradigm that harmonises with societal well-being and environmental preservation.

“We envisage a brighter future where business ethics and social responsibility intersect, crafting our role in nurturing a world that thrives tomorrow.”

Pegasus World's triumph has borne the fruits of success with Curo Fulfilment, poised to bolster the supply chain domain and invigorate the local economy with new sustainable jobs within the next year.

Curo Fulfilment, recognised for its logistical and fulfilment expertise, represents more than a strategic location; it stands as a beacon of collaborative success. It has forged a formidable network of strategic partnerships with esteemed blue-chip companies such as OMEG PLC, Johnsons Group, Sumec UK with others poised to join. These collaborations are a testament to Pegasus World Holding's commitment to fostering strong business relationships and anchoring itself as a pivotal player in the global market.

In line with its vision for perpetual advancement, Pegasus World Holding is actively investing in expanding its operational capacities and entering new markets. This commitment to growth not only strengthens its existing collaborations but also opens the door to engaging with more international giants, thereby enhancing its service offerings and market reach.

Through calculated investments and a strategic outlook, Pegasus World Holding is setting the stage for a future where it remains at the forefront of industry innovation and global supply chain solutions.

Ivan concluded: “From soaring financial metrics to strategic expansions, Pegasus World Holding is not just business as usual—it’s a symphony of excellence, fostering growth, community, and sustainability in one formidable force.”