Paul Baron is I am Döner's founder starting his career in the catering industry he went all the way up to work as a chef in a Michelin star restaurant and being trained by top chefs, ending up as head chef in a restaurant in Clitheroe. Food has been his life for as long as he can remember, always wanting to improve and innovate. It had always been a dream of his to run his own place one day and in 2016 that dream was set into motion.

He spent around a year travelling and researching, looking for inspiration and more importantly a gap in the market. He did not want to create a new cuisine but instead focus on one that had not been showcased and marketed to its full potential. It was on a trip to Berlin that his passion for kebabs was reaffirmed and after some extensive research proved to be the gap in the market he was looking for.

He worked tirelessly for months on meat marinades, the perfect bread recipes, and the perfect blend of salads and sauces to make the ultimate kebab. With little to no money on start-up he pulled in favours from everyone he knew who helped with everything from photography, manual labour, decorating, pickling cabbage to handing out flyers and serving customers.

That is when I am Doner was born in 2016. He now has three managed stores in Leeds City, Headingley & Harrogate as well as franchised store in Dubai & Liverpool.