When opening a new office, it is important to consider the impression your business is making to both first-time and returning visitors. The design of your reception area, meeting rooms, and general office space sets the tone and can help sell your business, but the wrong atmosphere can damage your business.

Branded Decor
Now is not the time to go wild with colours unless vibrancy is part of your brand. Think about the colour palette; what are the colours for your company? Keep things consistent with your company's style and use complementary shades for contrast.

If you would prefer to go for that cool, high-end look with plain white walls, use your furnishings to show off your branding. Save on costs and the environment by considering second-hand desks and stock your building with high-end office brands for less. You may ask, "where can I get high-end used office furniture near me?" and you'll be surprised at the choice of companies at your disposal. However, if you struggle to find something locally or want a wider range, consider using small providers from the UK that deliver, such as Recycled Business Furniture. They offer a range of quality pieces of used office furniture, so you can find the solutions that suit you.

When solidifying your brand in how your office looks, remember to include your logo. Don't be afraid to get creative with the placement and use it in multiple areas of your office. An excellent place to start is in the reception; using a large 3D backlit logo above or behind your reception desk gives a wonderful effect.

The proper placement can have an amazing impact on your visitor's impression of the business.

Lighting is not only practical and, when used correctly, can be a fantastic design addition to any space. Too much light can leave a space feeling uninviting or clinical, but go the other way by making an area too dark, and it can feel dingy.

Well thought out lighting can draw attention to a specific aspect or enlarge a room. Using a mix of natural and artificial light effectively will create a space for both staff and visitors to feel welcomed and happy to spend time in.

The reception space should be welcoming and practical, conveying a sense of your brand and reassuring your visitors that they have come to the right place.

A good office reception should have an obvious desk to approach and an area to wait in, ensuring it is visually stylish while managing access to the flow of people.

Invest In Durability
Considering the materials, you use when furnishing your office is vital. Using items that will stand up against the test of time and are inexpensive to refinish once they start to look a little tired will keep your office looking fresh.

Plant life
Adding a wide range of plants has been known to improve employees' happiness, but it can also create impressive and beautiful spaces within your office as well as having other practical uses. Some companies add moss walls to reduce noise pollution and reverberation through acoustic baffling instead of traditional sponge panels—a unique and eye-catching feature of any office.