The Chairman’s Bao Ltd. is delighted to announce the launch of Newsdle, the first news-based graded reader for students and teachers of Spanish and French. Now launched across website and iOS/Android app, Newsdle is designed to transform student engagement with contemporary news stories, lessons, and comprehension exercises to interest and immerse every student in their language learning journey.

Newsdle’s partner platform, The Chairman’s Bao, is already a globally trusted resource for the study of Mandarin Chinese, used in 350+ schools, universities, and organizations including the University of Oxford, Middlebury College, and the US military.

Throughout the language learning education, the team were constantly frustrated in their search for engaging content. They found that textbook and online resources continued to follow repetitive story themes. The result left them less motivated and they felt that language learning needed a fresh approach.

By publishing a continuous feed of news-based lessons daily across a wide range of topics, Newsdle aims to bring excitement and motivation to the study of languages.

Why Newsdle?

• 3 brand new news-based lessons each day for Spanish and French
• In-built features such as live dictionary, keyword lists and graded audio
• Contemporary news-based lessons and comprehension exercises
• Study sessions sync across website and app
• Personalised Classroom Portal for each institution

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