The Information Commissioner’s Office has just gone out to public consultation on its new data strategy.

The ICO teamed up with the Leeds-based Oakland Group, an independent data consultancy, to develop its data strategy using the Government’s new Data Maturity Assessment for Government framework as a key foundation.

The data strategy sets out a clear vision for responsible innovation in the use of data, aiming to provide tangible value for the organisation and its customers.

Commenting on the project, Rob Holtom, executive director of digital, data, and technology (DDaT), transformation, and delivery at the ICO, said: “The data strategy is a hugely important piece of work that will put our own use of data at the heart of how we operate and transform as a regulator. It was important to seek external views, and we teamed up with an experienced team at Oakland to deliver this milestone project.”

“The collaborative partnership has developed a strong foundation on which we can build internally and with our external stakeholders. We hope sharing it will also inspire others to optimise how data is used to create value and improve outcomes in any organisation.”

The teams worked in partnership to develop the data strategy. The project identified the key initiatives and activities to improve data capability and set out the behaviours and beliefs needed to drive a better data culture.

Craig Lambert, senior data strategy consultant at Oakland Group, said: “The team at Oakland worked in a true partnership with the ICO on this project. Building a data strategy is a wide-ranging effort that covers an organisation’s capability, effectiveness, and readiness to use data fully. For the ICO, this data strategy is fundamental to delivering better public services and regulation of such a rapidly evolving market.”