Cathy and I just want to thank everyone who has supported us on our journey with Masons of Yorkshire and helping us get to where we are today, 10 years later from our launch on World Gin Day in 2013.’
- Karl Mason

Karl and Cathy could never have imagined the incredible journey they were embarking on when they launched Masons of Yorkshire on World Gin Day back in June 2013. The distillery was the first to open in Yorkshire, right at the start of the gin boom that has swept across the UK and beyond.

Ten years ago, the Masons set up a facebook page about one of their favourite topics: gin. Posting reviews of their favourite finds, followers followed, and soon 10k people were on the page. It started to take up a lot of time and they had the lightbulb moment: what if we did this all the time? And Masons of Yorkshire was born. And in June 2023 the company, now employing 24 people, celebrates ten years in the business, operates from a state-of-the-art distillery in beautiful Bedale, and exports all over the world. The original distillery was destroyed by a fire in 2019, and the brand has grown back bigger and stronger, with the support of a gin-loving community.

Since then, they have experienced the highs and lows of running a business being totally absorbed in the brands growth and guiding their company through fire, the pandemic, as well as receiving over 180 awards, hosting prime minister visits, and even receiving invitations to Buckingham Palace.

Masons of Yorkshire has not only produced exceptional gin, but has also played a significant role in the growth of the gin industry in Yorkshire, setting a standard for quality and authenticity. Mason's dedication to their craft has been recognised with numerous awards and as the gin boom continues, we can look back at the incredible journey of Masons of Yorkshire and raise a glass to our continued success. Masons of Yorkshire was part of a small group of brands that pioneered the gin boom, giving confidence to others and helping more than 60 other distilleries to open in the county.

Karl Mason, Co-Founder of Masons of Yorkshire says, “A lot of the gins on the market today are not really gin, they are just flavoured alcohol, claiming to be gin to cash in on the gin boom. We take a different approach, we never went pink. We distil our gins with the juniper and other botanicals for a pure, authentic taste: we never add any flavour that hasn’t been distilled. We call this the Masons way, with no gimmicks, no shortcuts and absolutely no compromises. Simply the purest and most delicious gin, made properly. ”

To mark the 10 year anniversary, Masons of Yorkshire are releasing a special edition gin, with the star of the show being juniper, to celebrate the plant that started it all. The gin has been crafted to be juniper rich, to share with the gin aficionados and gin lovers out there that have supported the brand.

In addition to the juniper, the gin also features other key botanicals such as coriander, fresh lime, bay leaf, and Szechuan pepper. These botanicals add complexity to the gin, making it a well-rounded and delicious spirit.

The gin features two different varieties of juniper, distilled three ways: pot still, vapor basket, and vacuum distillation. It's bottled at 52% ABV, 10% higher in ABV than the Masons of Yorkshire Original Edition, a punchy flavour fitting for a 10th anniversary celebration and the perfect strength to deliver a juniper hit. The gin will be presented in a beautiful presentation box, made from fine linen with foiled copper detailing.