An innovative security service is set to help protect businesses in Yorkshire and The Humber against the increasing menace of cyber attacks.

Leading insurance broker Lycetts’ Cyber Safety Tool has been designed to help prevent businesses falling victim to the 6,500-plus cyber crimes that occur in the UK every day.

The tool is powered by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), that built the tool for Lycetts based on the latest expertise from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and from cyber experts among its membership.

Lycetts’ senior account executive, Lee Musgrove, said: “Small businesses are particularly vulnerable, and the Lycetts Cyber Safety Tool can assist time-constrained company owners in understanding their cyber vulnerabilities and implementing effective protective measures.

“It’s a diagnostic solution that offers a free, comprehensive and tailored set of recommendations to bolster businesses’ cyber security.”

Each incident of cyber crime typically costs businesses £15,3001. However, good cyber posture – made possible by such products as the Cyber Safety Tool – can prevent more than 80 per cent of cyber attacks.

Lucy Fraser, ABI Policy Adviser for General Insurance, said: “Our initial testing showed that even seemingly minor cyber issues can leave most businesses – especially small companies that don’t have specific IT teams – vulnerable to attack.

“By using the Cyber Safety Tool, they will be alerted to any existing vulnerabilities and will know which changes they can implement to boost their defences.”

Advice on cyber insurance, the risks a policy covers, and common exceptions, should be sought from a specialist insurance broker.