Regulation-orientated initiative, RegTech Talks joins in on Leeds Digital Festival.

RegTech Talks launches it’s latest event entitled: ‘Let’s Talk: The Future of Sustainable Regulation’ on the 29th September at 16:00 as part of Leeds Digital Festival. Discussing the eco regulations that are in place within a variety of industries and how technology is being implemented to reach these goals.

The regulation-orientated initiative runs multiple events each year to drive the conversation on how technology is being implemented to not only meet regulatory compliance standards, but to also do good in the world.

Georgia Halston, Co-Founder of RegTech Talks stated: “A corporate sustainability agenda used to be nice to have, you were the ones actively deciding what the next steps were and how you wanted to achieve the goals set out in your company. You were leaders. But now, everyone has one. And if you don’t then you’re the odd one out.”

Terry Clark, Founder of BuildStream is the first confirmed speaker for the event. BuildStream is a supply chain management marketplace. Businesses can look to reduce supply chain risks through the use of their platform. Terry's talk is titled ‘A digital approach to supply chain audit, inspection and assessment.’ Taking stimulus from his own platform, Terry will examine how each of these areas can be simplified and improved with the introduction of a digital approach.

Ashley Tate, CEO of Mina will also be speaking at the RegTech events. Mina was created to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by making paying for EV charging radically simple by allowing fleet vehicles to be charged at home and on the road, resulting in one simple bill for the fleet owner. Ashley’s talk is entitled ‘Unlocking the Challenges Around EV Charging’ and will delve into the current blockers most people feel in converting to EVs – the issues surrounding charging.

Join on to the Future of Sustainable Regulations event by signing up for your tickets here. Following RegTech Talks’ MO, all the events are entirely free. RegTech Talks hope to act as a catalyst for innovative solution like these by providing an engaging and thought-provoking platform.