The legal technology sector is set to create over 1,800 jobs by 2025 in West Yorkshire, according to experts at SPG Resourcing.

Leeds is one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the UK. New data published in September shows that while the national cyber sector has declined by 0.6%, Leeds' growth rate is 9.9%*. It also has a thriving legal sector with 1,560 firms that are engaged in legal activities and a workforce of over 14,400**.

Commenting on the growth, Sam Hameed, co-founder and managing director of SPG Resourcing, said: “The Leeds tech sector is showing robust growth, and our city has deep and historic strength in the legal industry. These factors put it in a prime position to benefit from a sector that could be worth £22bn globally.

“The legal sector is undergoing rapid digital transformation, and Leeds will benefit from that growth as companies ranging from startups to multinationals develop their concepts in our city. The latent demand and escalating unmet needs make for strong drivers of the legal technology boom.”

Many legal departments have to reduce risks, work more efficiently, be more productive, help the company grow financially, and improve the experience for customers. It is forcing the industry to rethink how they meet legal, risk, regulatory, and compliance services and digitise their processes and functions.

SPG Resourcing argues the legal tech sector in Leeds has the opportunity to make an impact globally. The city is home to many international law firms that can ensure that innovations are rolled out quickly around the world.

Sam Hameed, concluded: “The pandemic accelerated many companies' digital transformation plans and none more so than the legal sector. The challenge for digital teams delivering these programmes will be to secure partners that can meet development requirements and find the talent that is much in demand.”