Leeds-headquartered communications specialist Bailie Group has completed its latest strategic acquisition for an undisclosed sum, as the £50m company targets 60% growth over the next 3 years.

The purchase of award-winning training provider Ubi-Tech (3R) complements the services offered by Bailie Group’s existing CDS Defence & Security business – an organisation striving to make the world a safer place through engineering, learning, cyber security, and information assurance.

Established in 2012, Redditch-based Ubi-Tech (3R) has amassed a renowned reputation for telecommunications-industry training. The highly accredited company was founded by former members of the British Armed Forces, and all the firm’s instructors have served in the military.

While Bailie Group is no stranger to carefully considered business takeovers, this is the first acquisition specifically for CDS DS. The move represents the brand’s ambitions to grow from £12.5m turnover in 2021 to £20m by the end of 2024.

While Ubi-Tech (3R) and CDS DS will both remain separate entities, the two firms have worked together closely in recent years.

“CDS DS is no stranger to high-profile programmes of work for UK military operations, and in recent times we have collaborated with Ubi-Tech on a number of projects – notably for the British Army,” explained Bailie Group’s CEO Fergus Bailie. “The more we’ve worked alongside each other, the clearer our synergies have become – particularly when it comes to the design, analysis and delivery of specialist training.

“While a significant proportion of Bailie Group’s growth has been organic throughout our 158-year history, we recognise the value of strategic acquisitions too. While operationally it’s therefore ‘business as usual’ for Ubi-Tech (3R) and CDS DS, we believe the move has unlocked a wealth of potential for both brands.”

Sharing closely aligned values, the two companies have long been signed up to the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant.

“Everything always comes back to our search for the best people in the industry – whether they become a true part of our team, or we work together as partners,” continued Fergus. “The experience and reputation of Ubi-Tech (3R) is world-class, so the acquisition really does bolster our current roster of capabilities.”

With a portfolio of communications and consultancies throughout the UK, Bailie Group currently employs 375 colleagues, with aspirations to bring 75 additional people into the company by the end of 2022. CDS DS specialises particularly in the development of defence and security clients’ operational effectiveness, people performance and risk reduction.