Leeds based HQ of The Alternative Board (TAB) has announced a new partnership with local charity Rugby League Cares to improve mental wellbeing in workplaces across the UK.

Independent charity Rugby League Cares’ mission is to enhance and enrich people’s lives through the power and positive influence of Rugby League. The charity will be working with Marshall’s Mill based TAB to deliver ‘Offload’, a campaign focussing on the health and wellbeing of business leaders.

The programme has this week been delivered to TAB’s UK franchisees and is being rolled out from the end of June to 400+ companies across the country that are TAB members.

“We are absolutely honoured to be partnering with Rugby League Cares, a charity which aligns perfectly with our belief that individuals are stronger when they work together,” commented Ed Reid, MD of TAB (UK). “Supporting UK wide business leaders in both their professional and personal capacities, we understand the pressures business leaders are under and the importance of robust mental health to running a successful company. Many businesses are very invested in the mental health of their employees but this often overlooks those running the business who can be under immense pressure. The Offload programme is packed with components to help leaders prioritise their own physical and mental wellbeing. This can then be disseminated to employees to improve the all-round wellbeing of their workforces. We are confident this programme will deliver tangible benefits to our members and can’t wait to see the results.”

Chris Rostron, head of Rugby League Cares added: “Offload is a programme of mental fitness fixtures, designed to help participants build a more positive mindset and generate a set of skills which enable them to cope better in challenging times. Each of the fixtures includes an introduction to a mental fitness area with group debate and discussion, followed by the delivery of a new skill or coping mechanism which can then be transferred into day-to-day life. It has already made a huge difference to the rugby community and we can’t wait to see how it transfers to SME leaders working equally hard off the pitch to drive the UK economy!”

Over 100 Yorkshire businesses are currently TAB members ranging from independent start-ups to global corporations. TAB is a subscription model where members, who are owners and leaders of private businesses, pay a month-by-month investment for business advisory, planning and coaching services. Board member revenue growth between 2020 and 2021 averaged an impressive 28.4 per cent with 80 per cent reporting their turnover had increased since joining TAB.