Chadwick Lawrence, a Yorkshire Law Firm with a 170-year legacy, is delighted to announce the launch of its Dementia Friends Group’s latest triumph. This group is dedicated to making a positive impact on local Dementia Units near the Chadwick Lawrence offices. Spearheaded by Sue Preece, a Dementia Ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society and the Chairperson of the Chadwick Lawrence Dementia Friends Group, this heartwarming event underscores the firm's steadfast commitment to supporting the community and their colleagues.

Neil Wilson, managing partner, emphasises the significance of their Health and Wellness Commitment for 2024, stating, "The Health and Wellness initiative is integral to our firm, extending beyond physical well-being. It encompasses the wellness of our colleagues, clients, and community in every aspect. We are so grateful to Laxtons for their kind support"

As part of this initiative, the Dementia Friends Group has introduced the Knit and Natter Group. The group convenes to engage in conversations with those outside their regular team, gain a new skill, and knit for a good cause. Sue Preece expresses her excitement, stating, "This group touches my heart. Witnessing my colleagues passionately involved in such a meaningful cause is truly special. Initiatives like this are crucial given the challenges faced by those affected by dementia. We have knitted specialist items such as twiddle muffs which are brilliant for those suffering from dementia. Anxiety can be a factor for someone living with dementia and so having something to keep hands busy has been medically proven to be very comforting”

On discovering the group and their hard work, Yorkshire-based yarn business, Laxtons, made a particularly generous donation. The business contributed over 200 hanks of yarn to the group, broadening its outreach. James Laxton, Owner and Managing Director of Laxton, remarks, "The Chadwick Lawrence Knit and Natter group's work deeply resonated with myself and my team. Coming from a long line of yarn manufacturers, the benefits of knitting are not lost on me. Knitting is a brilliant skill to take up, particularly for your mental wellbeing. We are thrilled to have made this contribution and eagerly anticipate witnessing the impactful work of the group."