June the 15th will see the launch of the highly anticipated second book from local mental health expert, Sharon Kinder. Taking place at the vibrant and quirky, Harvey’s Bar in Fenay Bridge, Huddersfield.

Individuals, including cricket legend, Ryan Sidebottom, and local business owners will come together to celebrate the launch of Sharon’s new guided journal, designed especially for men.

For many men, mental health is a topic that is still largely avoided and often not dealt with until crisis point has been met. With this guided journal, the hope is that mental well-being can be achieved in manageable and easy-to-follow steps no matter your age or background.

Covering a range of issues and factors that are faced on a daily basis, the MENtal Health & Wellness Journal is a helpful resource that can support men towards improved mental well-being.

Author Sharon Kinder, shares her insights…

What inspired you to create this journal?
It created this journal mainly because I just want to make a difference, if this helps any one person then it has achieved what I want it to. With my previous guided journal receiving such good feedback, I knew that I could potentially help a lot of people with a men-specific resource too.
I am a big advocate of self-development and self-care, and working closely with a variety of organisations, I know first-hand, that sometimes we just need a nudge or a gentle reminder to prioritise this area of our lives and I hope that this journal will be the little reminder people need to look after their mental health more.

What makes this journal different to other journals?
For many, journalling is a completely new concept and not knowing where to start or how to keep a journal, can put people from diving into the benefits journalling offers.

This book has been designed to guide people through the process and also includes real-life case studies from people who have experienced poor mental health in the past and taken steps to improve their mental well-being. These case studies take us on a comprehensive journey of reflection, leading to increased knowledge, awareness and empathy.

Why are you focusing on Men's mental health in this book?
One of the key reasons I chose to focus on Men’s mental health is because of the worrying rates of male suicide in the UK today. It is estimated that just one death affects 135 people, with partners, family, friends, co-workers and responders all affected.

The stark and concerning reality is that in 2021 the percentage of suicides of men compared to women was over 10% more per 100,000 at 15.8%, this clearly shows a need for men to access more support and tools to deal with mental health issues. For a full report, please refer to the Samaritan’s Annual Suicide Report.

With growing daily stresses, the need for help is increasing and I truly believe that journalling can be a part of the solution. Whether someone buys the journal for themself or for a friend or family member, the truth is, it could help save a life.

How can men use this book to help their mental health?
This journal can be digested at a pace the reader feels comfortable with. The aim is that there will be elements that the reader can resonate with and find some comfort in knowing they’re not alone. It is not about self-diagnosing but maybe identifying with behaviours and actions, that when we feel vulnerable can change us as people. These may be how we interact with others, identifying when we isolate ourselves, maybe drinking more alcohol or other substances. It’s about recognising how these behaviours might impact on our relationships, work life and homelife and help shape how we focus, or how we think about ourself in these situations.

By being more aware of ourselves and triggers that affect our mood and well-being, we can create more control and begin to make positive changes.

One of the accounts included in this new journal is from national and local cricketing legend, Ryan Sidebottom. By sharing his experiences and insights behind mental well-being, Ryan has been able to show that no matter what you achieve in life, mental health affects us all and having the right support and resources to form a positive relationship with our thoughts and behaviours is key.

You can pre-order your copy today by visiting: https://wellness-journal.co.uk/product/mental-health-wellness-journal-pre-order/