National housebuilder, Keepmoat Homes, has been recognised for its ambitious programme of systems and processes to maximise social value delivery.

The Doncaster-based business is the first private-market housebuilder to achieve a Level One Social Value Management Certificate from Social Value UK. The certificate acknowledges the commitment Keepmoat Homes has made to implement systems and processes that are consistent with the Social Value Principles. These systems and processes have helped the homebuilder measure, manage and maximise its social value in the areas which it serves.

The Social Value Management Certificate is accredited on behalf of Social Value International by Social Value UK, the national network for social impact and social value. The Social Value Management Certificate is an internationally recognised assurance seal that assesses the standard of an organisation’s practice in managing the social value that it creates through its activities. Consisting of three levels (Commit, Implement, and Maximise), the certificate will take Keepmoat Homes on the pathway to maximising social value in the way it operates, as the company looks to obtain levels two and three.

Keepmoat Homes is one of the UK’s leading partnership homebuilders and a leading brownfield builder. 70% of its homes are built on previously developed land, with 56% of these located in the regeneration areas (in the bottom two deciles of the indices of multiple deprivation). The company specialises in partnership projects with Homes England, Registered Providers and local authorities, and aims to deliver sustainable and affordable homes for first-time buyers, as well as up-sizers and downsizers alike.

Tim Beale, CEO said: “As a company, we’re driven to go beyond bricks and mortar and improve places, enhance the environment and deliver real social value and outcomes. We have a clear responsibility to help deliver a sustainable future and meet our customers’ expectations and those of the communities in which we operate - it’s a key factor that sets us apart from other homebuilders.

“High energy prices and the need to protect the planet makes the provision of warm, affordable and efficient homes more important than ever. In developing these homes, we also provide training and job opportunities in the area to support the people who live and work in our communities.

“This contribution to society is our social value and I’m delighted that we’ve been awarded with the Level One Social Value Management Certificate, which recognises our commitment to enhancing this value in accordance with the very highest standards.”

Craig Foden at Social Value UK said: “Keepmoat Homes are social value pioneers and achieving the Social Value Management Certificate recognises them as being strongly committed to social value best practice. We were particularly impressed with their commitment to involving stakeholders at each stage of the impact management process, and their outcomes-based approach which places the changes experienced by stakeholders as a core element of decision-making and resource allocation.

“Through a systematic approach which focuses on understanding the impacts on stakeholders, and making decisions informed by this information, Keepmoat Homes will continue to improve their social value.

“To be the first private market sale housebuilder to achieve the Social Value Management Certificate is to be thoroughly commended. We hope to work closely with Keepmoat Homes in the coming years as they continue on their social value journey.”