Sheffield digital creative agency, Jaywing, has gained international recognition for its development of the Welcome to Sheffield website, which was selected as the Best Public Sector Solution at the annual Umbraco awards.

More than 730,000 websites worldwide are built on Umbraco’s open-source content management system (CMS). Each year creative agencies and web developers from around the world gather at Umbraco’s Codegarden event in Denmark to share ideas, collaborate and celebrate their best work, with a panel of international judges selecting eleven of the best projects for the awards.

“We were blown away by the quality, beauty, and breadth of the entries this year, and we’re thrilled to cast the spotlight on eleven incredible Umbraco solutions that have been built since June 2021,” said Martin Wülser Larsen, CMO, Umbraco. “Digital agencies continue to build highly impressive sites that exemplify what Umbraco stands for: outstanding design and excellent editing experiences with easy third-party integration capabilities that give organisations exactly what they want from their sites.”

Sheffield City Council’s marketing and City Futures department commissioned Jaywing to create a modern website that showcases the city’s creative culture, industrial heritage, student life and community spirit, and that attracts visitors and business investment by raising awareness of the ‘outdoor city’ as a desirable place to live, work, host events and visit. The Welcome to Sheffield website was developed using the Umbraco CMS and was singled out for praise for its modular, visually interesting and dynamic website which serves thousands of visitors, multiple sectors and presents the city in a contemporary fashion.

Jaywing used Umbraco’s modular, composable digital experience platform to tailor Welcome to Sheffield’s content for a diverse range of audiences, to ensure the best user experience for everyone. The site design allows components to be customised by content owners for each sector, to create a wide variety of web pages which meet the requirements of different site visitors. All web pages share a bespoke design, supported by intuitive editing to enable a variety of content to be added over time.

Commenting on the Welcome to Sheffield site, the Umbraco Awards judges said, “For a municipal site, this has character and charm while serving multiple sectors and visitors.''

Accepting the award, Maria Vardy, managing director of Jaywing said, “We use Umbraco because its composable digital experience platform allows websites to be customised to clients’ needs and easily edited by marketing teams once sites are built. We’re delighted that the Welcome to Sheffield website was selected by the Umbraco judges. Gaining international recognition from our peers provides a real boost to our team and encourages us to keep doing our best work for our clients.”