Boston Spa-based Deans Computer Services (DCS) is predicting a sustained surge in the use of cloud-based solutions as businesses reset their post-covid operations.

The IT provider experienced a huge increase in demand for cloud during the pandemic as companies organised remote working and associated technologies. DCS believes that the enforced adjustments have prompted many businesses to realise that wholesale adoption of cloud infrastructure has the potential to improve their operational and cost efficiencies.

DCS Head of Cloud, Adam Findlay, said: “Businesses were increasingly using cloud before the pandemic, but it has often been seen purely as backup for on-site data. In the last 15 months, an increasing reliance on remote technologies such as Zoom has meant an increased reliance on cloud, not only as a backup but also for other functions such as protecting data from ransomware. Cloud adoption is taking over the industry bit by bit, one service at a time, leaving most organisations with a hybrid IT system as they segment their infrastructure and applications. As of last year, 88% of organisations were using cloud infrastructure in some form, whilst some 45% reported that they expect to move 75% of their applications to the cloud over the next year.”

DCS expects cloud to be the largest area of growth in its business in the coming years. Adam said: “With the rise of working from home, many organisations have reduced or abandoned their office space, causing a shift from servers based on premises to servers on cloud. It means that cloud increasingly provides the primary IT infrastructure, eliminating hardware purchase and maintenance costs. I think that, in years to come, many organisations will adopt 100% cloud.”

DCS reports that a growing number of companies are also using cloud infrastructure to facilitate their international expansion.

DCS managing director, Patrick Clayton, said: “In recent years, some of our clients have opened factories and offices in China and Japan, enabled by a switch to 100% cloud. IT companies that are able combine advanced cyber security and Tier 3 data centre resilience with a full suite of cloud solutions are well positioned to meet growing demand. At DCS, we have heavily invested in our Amber Vault cloud portfolio and it has continued to evolve during the pandemic with new innovations such as an automated patch management system which enables businesses to keep up-to-date with the latest security patches and stay protected against emerging threats.”