Working life can be a real drain sometimes. When your confidence takes a hit at work it can feel like your days drag on in agony and silence. Luckily, there are some things you can do to build your confidence back up. Here are some examples.

Don’t Let Bullies Get Away
According to the Trades Union Congress, over a third of all UK employees have been bullied at work. Bullying at work is an absolutely massive problem. If you work full time, a massive portion of your waking hours are spent around the people you work with. If these people are bullies or manipulators, then they are going to knock your confidence in a big way. Standing up to bullies is never easy. In workplaces, bullying often takes a form that might be hard to recognise from the outside. Overdeligation, denouncement, comments on the appearance, and sexual harassment are all very common forms of bullying in the workplace. It is not always easy to seek official justice for these aggressions. Your confidence can be boosted, however, but taking overt action against your bullies. Don’t sit back and let them harm you without consequences. Bullies deserve to be embarrassed. Document their abuse, call them out in public spaces, and make sure to understand the code of conduct for employees at your workplace. Talk directly to HR about your experience. If they fail to see the problem, talk to your union. Leaving is an option if the structure of a workplace supports bullies.

Join A Union
Trade unions exist in order to protect your rights as a worker and prevent employers from abusing the huge amount of power they have over you. A feeling of powerlessness in the face of unfair working conditions is sure to sap away your confidence. A union can help you join up with other people in the same situation as you and leverage the power of mass action when things go wrong. Having people by your side is a great way to increase your confidence.

Feel Beautiful
Your appearance is not the be-all and end-all of your worth, but feeling like you are not beautiful can naturally harm your confidence. You might not want to smile much if you need dental work. Getting some good dental work done by a professional like those at the denture clinic – who fit dentures in Surrey – can make a world of difference to your confidence. Only beautify yourself for your own ends. Never let bullies force your hand into getting any kind of work done just so you can feel confident. Sometimes all it takes is a new item of clothing to get your confidence back.

Find A Mentor
Confidence can be a hard thing to find if you have nobody to lead the way. Find a mentor at work that has plenty of experience and empathy. A good mentor on your side is part teacher, part friend, and part representative. Some companies have buddy schemes that help less-experienced workers find an experienced mentor.