Small business across the globe have had a torrid time during the pandemic, with many being forced to close down, make staff redundancies, or furlough staff for extended periods of time. Overheads and expenses are always a preoccupation for small businesses as overspending can rapidly eat away at their profits and cause them to enter into financial difficulties that they may struggle to recover from.

For small businesses, reducing the amount they spend on hiring staff is important. We have come up with a guide to how small businesses in 2021 can go about reducing their recruitment costs

Come Up with Clear, Engaging Job Adverts
A good well-written job advert on social media channels, job boards, or a company’s website should pull-in job seekers and motivate them into wanting to take time out of their day to apply for the position. The key requirements and responsibilities of the job must be clearly and accurately stated on the job advert. Employers cannot put ‘engineering university degree required’ if this is not an essential requirement for the role for example. The advert should also be completely free of any spelling errors.

Job adverts also need to be optimised for search and use the right keywords so that they are easy for job seekers to find on search engines, social media channels, job boards, and so on. If a job advert isn’t adequately optimised for search, the advert will not be sufficiently visible to job seekers online and as a result there will be a lack of applicants applying to the role. To ensure you get it right, utilise job board advertising services to help ensure your ad lands in front of the correct audience. You can then advertise a job listing in the most efficient way for your company.

Small Businesses Should Take Full Advantage of Social Media Channels When
Hiring New Staff

Using social media channels to communicate and attract applicants to apply for roles is a handy recruitment tool for small businesses, and even better it’s also completely free and costs nothing to use. To recruit on social media, small businesses just need to ensure they interact with their followers effectively and come up with good advertising campaigns and well-written job adverts to post across their channels. Small businesses can also choose to pay digital marketing companies to take care of carrying out their online social media advertising for a role.

LinkedIn is a very useful platform for small businesses to use for recruitment in 2021.

Focus on Reducing the Staff Turnover Rate
Small business should also focus on retaining staff for a long period of time and reducing the overall staff turnover rate, so they don’t need to constantly be recruiting and finding new members of staff to employ. To keep hold of their employees, small business should engage and communicate properly with existing employees and show they value them as a member of staff and their contribution to the company.

Invest in a Reliable Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Having a reliable Applicant Tracking System (ATS) streamlines the recruitment process and makes life easier for small businesses looking to employ new members of staff. Smaller businesses should look into investing in the latest efficient recruitment technology to filter applicants and save themselves time and money in the recruitment process.

When it comes to cutting recruitment costs for small businesses in 2021, it’s a case of where there’s a will there’s a way. And thanks to the power of social media as a platform to use to advertise across, it’s easy for small companies these days to use social media to their advantage when advertising job vacancies.