Commercial flights have experienced plenty of turmoil this summer. Airlines have had to cancel thousands of flights since May 2022 due to staff shortages and covid. With a shortfall in staff, there have been severe queues to get through security and customs, while some flights haven’t had enough staff to operate safely. And it’s not just holidaymakers who have been impacted. Businesses require partnerships for growth and international meetings are a key element of this. Read on for some business solutions to the current crisis.

Private travel
One solution to this issue is private travel. Hiring a private jet or investing in a flight charter membership can be more financially economical in the long run. They’re more flexible than commercial flights, plus they can save you time – it usually takes 15 minutes to board as opposed to the two-hour waits for commercial flights. Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy privacy as you prepare for your meeting, rather than sitting on a packed commercial flight. The initial payment will be significant, but it does bring you plenty of advantages.

Arrive early
If you don’t have the finance to hire a private jet, there are other solutions to help you deal with the problems engulfing commercial flights. For a start, you can try and arrive early for your flight. While it’s not hugely convenient to give up more time for your flight, by getting there early, you can ensure that you get through customs and make the flight. Plus, when you arrive early, you’ll be able to check updates and pivot towards a different flight if necessary.

Keep in touch with whoever you’re meeting
It’s also important to keep in touch with whoever you’re meeting. By notifying them promptly if your flight is delayed, you can look for business solutions and at least give them an adequate warning. Without keeping in touch, you might appear rude or disorganised.

Try rearranging or going for a virtual meeting
Alternatively, you could consider temporary solutions to in-person meetings. One option is to rearrange your meeting to a date where you know commercial flights will have become more reliable. Or if your meeting is urgent, you could try a virtual meeting. By utilizing video call technology, you can network and develop critical partnerships with key businesses, without having to travel out of your office.

Cancelled flights can be damaging to businesses. However, there are solutions. From hiring a private jet to arriving early for your flight, there are plenty of ways for you to carry out your business travel and grow your company.