A solid silver model of Harrogate’s Royal Pump Room, made in 1927 in Ogden of Harrogate jeweller’s workshop, is set to return to the shop for public display.

This iconic piece has been hidden from view, stored as part of the council’s civic collection.

The piece is of historic significance for the spa town. It was commissioned by Captain Whitworth, who served as Harrogate Mayor between 1926-28.

Captain Whitworth presented the piece to Harrogate in 1927 for use at civic occasions, such as gracing the mayor’s table during great banquets.

The model, also known as the Civic Salt, is inscribed with the words: ‘Let your speech be always with grace and seasoned with salt.’

Ogden of Harrogate has loaned the piece from the civic collection for a special display, part of the jewellers 130th year celebrations, on the lead up to Valentine’s Day. It will be on display from Thursday 8 February.

Robert Ogden said: “This is one of the most famous artefacts to come from the Ogden workshop and has been lovingly brought back to its former glory in the workshop for our planned display. It also brings to light an overlooked philanthropic figure in our spa town’s history.”

Charles Warwick Whitworth studied law and lived in Harrogate. He became a territorial captain in the West Yorkshire Regiment fifth battalion in 1902, suffering minor wounds in the First World War in Belgium. Charles inherited the Boroughbridge Brewery on the death of his father, and lived for some time at Park Place on the edge of the stray overlooking Christchurch.

Much dedicated to public service, he became Mayor of Harrogate and served a three-year term between 1926 and 1928. He chaired many organisations including the Harrogate Hospital, the Ripon Divisional Conservative Association and the Yorkshire Home for the Disabled. In 1913, Charles owned a house in Filey and provided underprivileged children from Leeds with seaside holidays during the summer.

This particular iconic piece came to light after a chance encounter between the great, grandson of Captain Whitworth, Ben Whitworth, and Lynne Mee, a former Mayor’s secretary for Harrogate Borough Council with a passion for preserving the civic collection.

Lynne Mee said: “As one of the volunteers marking last year’s centenary of Harrogate’s War Memorial, I had the great pleasure of meeting Ben after the Remembrance Service. As part of the commemorations, we were seeking family stories and Ben spoke about the Whitworth-Ogden connection.”

Ben flagged to Lynne the friendship he had discovered between Captain Whitworth and James R Ogden. Lynne then introduced him to Robert and Ben Ogden, who had also been involved in the centennial exhibition, as their relative Walter died aged 19 in the First World War.

Lynne said: “As Mayor’s Secretary, I was responsible for the civic collection which I came to know well and to greatly care about. As Ben had never seen the Silver Royal Pump Room model, it struck me it could be loaned to Ogden’s for public display. I approached Harrogate Charter Trustees, including Charter Trust Mayor Cllr Michael Harrison, who were very supportive of the loan and I am delighted this beautiful item will be seen and admired by many more people.”

Robert Ogden added: “It’s a rare object, of unique quality and finery and a testament to Ogden’s craftsmanship; a piece we are very proud to display and celebrate.”