The UK’s favourite squeezy cheese brand, Primula Cheese which donates all its profits to good causes, has surprised three local charities in Yorkshire with donations totaling £15,000 this month.

The funding will support charities and good causes across the region during this challenging period as cost-of-living rises are expected to hit households and the most vulnerable communities across the country.

Following a public appeal by the firm for nominations and good causes who have supported local communities, three local charities and causes were selected to receive a share of the donation – these included; Zarach, The Clothing Bank and The Homeless Street Angels.

The Clothing Bank, which provides clothes to some of the 20% of the UK population living in poverty, were among the charities to benefit from the donation. The charity was set up to support those struggling to clothe themselves or their families after paying everyday living costs.

As the squeezy cheese brand is owned by the Kavli Trust, all profits are shared with local charities and good causes in the UK and around the world. The donations were given to local causes following a recent campaign that encouraged the local public to nominate a charity they thought worthy of receiving a split of Primula’s profits.

Commenting on the recent donations Gareth Watson, brand manager said: “Sharing is at the heart of everything we do. We are delighted to have allocated £15,000 to great causes in Yorkshire.

“In particular, Zarach was selected by the committee to continue its vital work of providing beds and basics to children in poverty, to help families in crisis. Similarly, The Homeless Street Angels was selected due to its tireless support for the homeless in Leeds.

“Our donations widely focus on the long-term benefit to society and communities. The work of the Homeless Street Angels brought a spotlight on not only the UK’s housing crisis but also how ongoing support such as education, mental health, substance abuse and services play in allowing individuals to adapt to living and thriving within a community.

“Additionally, The Clothing Bank was selected to receive funding due to the incredible impact on those in crisis and desperate need of clothing. We're aware of the expected rise in living costs and how this is likely to exacerbate the need for community organisations such as this and we hope this donation allows them to continue growing their capacity and services at such a vital time.”

In 2021 £7.8 million was awarded to communities and good causes by Primula's owner, the Kavli Trust, through the sale of its products, including its world-famous squeezy cheese.