An automotive software developer has chosen Leeds as the home for its new international technology hub. Mad Devs operates directly across Europe and through partnerships in Australia.

The move will see the company recruit up to 10 new roles in its IT and support team over the coming months as it accelerates plans to launch new digital tools to help motor retailers and manufacturers benefit from digital transformation.

Commenting on the launch, Adrian Favill, chief technical officer and director at Mad Devs, said: “Leeds is home to our technical and account management teams. The city has a wealth of digital talent that will support our plans to develop an ecosystem of tools that help automotive retailers operate more efficiently and deliver a better customer experience.”

The technology Hub will bring together data experts, developers and automotive analysts to develop software and integrations for the global market.

Mad Devs supports over 600 dealers across the UK. Its portals provide over 260,000 customers with a better car ownership experience and now hold over 5,000,000 documents, ensuring greater transparency and improved adherence to compliance requirements.

Mad Devs operates iStoreDOCS, a document storage platform and iTrackLEADS, which helps dealers respond, allocate and measure sales enquiries. It also launched iConnect, which connects dealers with their customers post-sale and maintains a connection over the ownership of the vehicle.

The company recently launched a Handover Module within the iConnect customer management system. It creates a centralised handover calendar with round-the-clock access. In addition, documents and insurance policies are linked to each handover process to increase compliance.