A popular dentist from Leeds has opened his second practice thanks to six-figure funding from Unity Trust Bank.

James Cooper, who took over Briggate Dental in the city centre in 2017, has used an £800,000 refinance package to purchase Langdale Dental in Headingley because of the increasing demand for his services.

With more than 4,500 patients and requests for cosmetic work rising, James, 33, created eight new jobs between both practices including dentists, nurses and a facial aesthetics practitioner who offers Botox and fillers.

He also took on three apprentices, one of whom has just qualified as a nurse and another has gone to Sheffield University to study dentistry.

Paul Kelly, relationship manager at Unity Trust Bank, said: “At Unity we align our practices to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are a blueprint to achieve a more sustainable future and key themes include health and wellbeing, education, and employment.

“James has been very successful in encouraging better oral health in West Yorkshire and creating new jobs and apprenticeship opportunities and we’re delighted to support his expansion plans.”

James said: “I joined Briggate in 2013 as an associate dentist and when the owner put the practice up for sale, I jumped at the chance to buy it from her. It’s a lovely, friendly practice where staff put patients at ease and we’ve taken this ethos to Langdale.”

“I’ve been impressed with Unity Trust Bank. I like the fact that they help people who help other people. Dentistry is a business but we’re also helping people with their teeth and self-esteem.

Some lenders just see things from a business point of view, but Unity are very supportive of what we’re trying to achieve. I also like the personal service they offer.”

While some dental practices have struggled during the pandemic, James’ teams have been busier than ever.

He said: “A lot of people are having cosmetic work done because they’ve saved money during lockdown and braces are very on-trend.

“I also think people respect how important oral health is as well as general health, day-to-day mental health and how people feel about themselves.”