Freight Agency, a leader in the freight industry, has recently launched its 'Supporting Ghana' campaign. This initiative reflects Freight Agency's commitment to giving back to the community and strengthening ties within Africa. As active members of Africa Logistics Network, Freight Agency is dedicated to enhancing relationships, communication, and opportunities within Africa.

With a branch office in Tema, Freight Agency has been an integral part of the Ghanaian community for many years and their 'Supporting Ghana' campaign is testament to the desire to make a meaningful impact in the region.

In Ghana, the cost of basic school supplies often places an insurmountable burden on families and schools in disadvantaged communities, hindering the education and development of children. Recognising this challenge, Freight Agency is stepping up to make a difference.

The 'Supporting Ghana' campaign aims to provide Flagstaff House Basic School in Ghana with essential supplies, including computers, toys, reading books, and whiteboards. By addressing these pressing needs, Freight Agency seeks to foster a conducive learning environment and enable the students to access quality education.

"As a UK-based agency with a global network, we believe it's our responsibility to give back to a community where we have a presence and can make a meaningful difference" stated Richard Smith, Sales Director at Freight Agency. "Our mission is to better the lives of students and children at Flagstaff House Basic School and recognise the positive impact we can have on communities."

To support the children at Flagstaff House Basic School, Freight Agency have participated in a number of activities so far this year. In June, several dedicated employees, participated in a 5K Colour Run in Sheffield which raised over £1000 to utilise for school supplies over in Ghana. This month, Freight Agency transported a number of second hand toys and school equipment supplies, via a 40’HC container, donated by staff & other partners. Freight Agency have a number of plans in place for the next few months to continue to better the lives at Flagstaff House Basic School and to continue to support the Ghanaian community.

Freight Agency encourages everyone to join us in making a positive impact on the lives of students and children. Together, we can build a brighter future for Ghana's youth.