Every office should be a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your employees; happy workers are productive workers. There are many things you can change or add in the office that not only improve the conditions of your workspace but how employees and clients view your brand.

Since the pandemic began, professional cleaners have become one of the most vital services a company can invest in; a spotlessly clean office improves productivity and increases morale. Before Covid, offices often employed in house cleaners or shared the responsibilities amongst staff members; for many employees returning to the office since restrictions started to ease, this isn't good enough anymore. Office cleaning by Brightr could be the solution to reducing sick days and making a lasting impression when clients visit your office.

Employee and premises safety is invaluable, and every company should invest in ensuring that their security is up to the task. Consider on-site security to give your staff the peace of mind to focus solely on work and not have to worry about their safety; even if your office is in a relatively safe area, it is still important to set funds aside for security.

When you don't have adequate safety measures in place, attempted break-ins are more likely to be successful and can be extremely costly for businesses, even with insurance.

Mental Health
As the understanding of mental health improves, companies across the UK are making considerable changes to support their employees better. During the pandemic, many workers found their mental health was in decline and began to struggle to keep up with targets or projects. As a company, you can purchase many apps and services to improve your employee's mental health and their overall work environment, whether they're in the office or work remotely.

Some companies are deploying these services alongside dedicated 'chill-out' or 'quiet' rooms to give their employees a safe place to catch their breath on stressful days. These rooms are designed with soft furnishing and low lighting to combat staff burnouts or help those having poor mental health days.

At the heart of every business is a motivated and highly skilled workforce. In the wake of the pandemic and Brexit, it's vital to invest in your employee's ongoing training to retain the best talent in your industry.

Enhancing your staff's skills will increase productivity as they will feel more valued by your company. Employees often find that they are more satisfied in their current roles as their talents develop, which also adds to productivity.

Ongoing training and development have a massive impact on morale in the same way as company social events, team perks or financial rewards by creating a positive atmosphere. When employees feel that there are no options for career progression, you can lose talented people as they accept jobs with more opportunities available to them. Offering courses to continuously improve increases self-esteem and lets your staff know they are appreciated, which in turn creates a loyal team that will stay with your company.