A founding member of the UK's leading Heat Recovery business has rejoined the company after a decade.

DK Heat Recovery's marketing director, Nigel Upson, has rejoined the East Yorkshire-based business on his retirement from poultry processor Soanes Poultry, where he was MD.

Nigel founded DK Heat Recovery with a colleague, engineering manager David Haughton, in 2012 and is excited to be rejoining the growing business: "Since the start of the energy crisis, we have been inundated with enquiries, so there's an excellent opportunity to help companies to save money and reduce their carbon footprint by installing heat recovery systems.

"In addition, with the news that the EU will phase out F gases for refrigeration, there's an even greater case for heat recovery using CO2 heat exchangers. DK's off-the-shelf heat exchanger for CO2 refrigerant systems has been available for several years, and 800 units have been successfully installed throughout Europe."

Part of Nigel's remit will be to lobby parliament to support investment in carbon-saving technology. "Unlike wind, solar and biomass, heat recovery has never been supported with investment to develop the market and spread the word. This clean, simple, affordable technology creates free hot water from waste refrigerant heat. It's time we started focusing more on energy reduction than sustainable energy creation.

"Did you know that if 15% of the heat generated by refrigeration systems in the UK food sector were harnessed, we could shut Sizewell B or heat Lake Windermere by 40 centigrade?" he concluded.

Based in Beverley, East Yorkshire, with a satellite office in Peterborough, DK Heat Recovery is the sole UK agent of DK Kaelteanlagen GmbH's heat recovery systems and is supported by a network of installers and refrigeration engineers nationwide. Over the last decade, it has installed heat recovery systems for food manufacturers, supermarkets, farm shops, butchers, and garden centres.