FlamePro, a British manufacturing specialist of life-saving garments for firefighters, has been awarded a £4m contract by Capita to provide its firefighting PPE for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) across the next decade.

The competitive tender, part of Capita’s contract with the MOD, saw four different PPE providers bid for the work, with FlamePro being appointed to provide its full ensemble of PPE alongside a total garment care package.
FlamePro was awarded the contract due to its high-quality product and the company’s dedication to providing support and expertise on PPE care, use and maintenance.

The contract includes a multi-million pound initial roll out, with a total value of £4m across 10 years.

Nathan Bricknell, general manager at FlamePro, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have been awarded this contract with Capita – it marks a key milestone for the company.

“Over recent months we’ve worked with our partners to develop brand new fabric technologies and designs, including a 3D woven structure and new moisture barrier membrane, to ensure our PPE is the most advanced on the market.

“Our brand-new structural fire suit has set a new benchmark across the whole industry. This, teamed with our shorter-than-average lead times stands us in great stead to deliver top-quality products and service on this contract.”