Mirfield-based digital marketing specialist, Fishtank Agency, has won The Creative Impact Award at the Examiner Business Awards for its outstanding work on The Tubex Collection and Recycling Programme.

The award recognises exceptional creative agencies from the fields of advertising, design, architecture, film, photography, and digital publishing that have demonstrated a positive impact, supporting and improving clients' succession and growth.

The Tubex Collection and Recycling initiative was the first of its kind to be launched in the UK offering a simple and effective solution to ensure responsible disposal of used tree shelters and maximising their potential by recycling them into new tree shelters.

To spread awareness of the launch of the programme, educate, drive action and encourage uptake, Fishtank Agency developed an integrated marketing campaign using creative design, content creation, videography and bespoke landing pages.

The campaign resulted in 150,000 Tubex tree shelters being collected since the launch with more than 25,000 kg of plastic collected and recycled. As well as increases in website traffic, Tubex also saw social media traffic grow by 15% and average session duration on the website jump by 10%.

Ola Tambor, head of digital commented on the award win: “We had a very strategic approach when working on this project with Tubex. We know from experience that audiences' attention span is short-lived so an impactful visual approach was required.

“To showcase how the initiative works, explain the recycling and collection process and convey the sustainability message in a simple way, we developed engaging video and graphic content to catch attention quickly. This was followed by a dedicated landing page within the Tubex website, aimed at engaging the key audiences through impactful data, strong USPs, creative visuals and a short lead form. This was promoted through an e-flyer campaign and associated social and PPC campaigns to drive key users to the landing page and leave their details.

“Winning this award has meant a lot to the Fishtank team but also to Tubex as this helps publicise the initiative further, making a real difference in promoting circularity in forestry, maximising recycling and reducing CO2 emissions.”

James Taylor, marketing & product development director added, “We turn to Fishtank when we need to convey complex messages in a clear and comprehensible way. Their expertise across digital and design made them a perfect choice for our Tubex campaign around our Collection & Recycling scheme, but also for the brand in general, as we continue on our sustainability journey.”

“Sustainability is a subject very close to our heart and working with one of the most innovative plastic packaging and engineered products manufacturers in the world (Berry Global, the mother corporation of Tubex), makes us extremely aware of how important it is that brands take responsibility for making sustainable change for the better.

“We feel honoured to support in facilitating that change - and that’s why we believe that in these hard times when almost all news is bad news, this campaign deserves the win for promoting a positive impact that literally encourages growth in more than just one way.”