Leeds City Council will soon install the first permanent average-speed cameras in West Yorkshire, which will be located on the A6120 Outer Ring Road and the A647 Stanningley Bypass, and form part of the Connecting West Leeds scheme.

The speed cameras are being installed as part of a wider strategy which has been created by the West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership, consisting of local authorities across West Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Police. The strategy works to recognise ‘high risk’ locations, either where speed-related casualties have happened or there is clear evidence of speeding.

Since the strategy’s launch in February 2023, the council have reviewed some of Leeds’ busiest roads, which has resulted in the A6120 Outer Ring Road and A647 Stanningley Bypass receiving support for the introduction of average speed camera enforcements.

The current speed limits were reviewed and a reduction from 70mph/60mph to a continuous 50mph will be introduced. The speed reduction to 50mph on the A6120 Outer Ring Road and A647 Stanningley Bypass, from Horsforth roundabout to Stanningley Bypass at Henconner Lane Bridge, formed part of the Connecting West Leeds Phase 2 consultation last year and received a 62 per cent positive response.

The existing fixed speed cameras located on A647 Stanningley Bypass, that are to be replaced by average speed cameras, will be relocated to A647 Stanningley Road at the following locations: the central reserve near to Armley Grange Drive junction and the central reserve near to Redcote Lane junction. They will be able to enforce both east and westbound directions of traffic and are in addition to the three mobile camera bays that are currently installed on A647 Stanningley Road near the junctions of Moorfield Road, Cockshott Lane and Houghley Lane.

The council will begin installing the cameras in autumn 2023.

Councillor Helen Hayden, executive member for infrastructure and climate, said: “Alongside our Leeds Vision Zero 2040 Strategy, the West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership’s new strategic approach to enforcement, signage and speed management allows us to ensure that our neighbourhoods and roads in Leeds are safe for all.

We have a bold ambition of having zero deaths on Leeds roads by 2040 and the new strategy sets out a flexible, clear and consistent approach to managing speed and safety. A more flexible approach to deploying safety cameras is something both ward councillors and I have been requesting for a while. It allows Leeds greater local responsibility in addressing safety concerns in our areas.

The strategy further builds on our Leeds Transport Strategy aim of ‘Leeds to be a city where you don’t need a car’, ensuring that roads must be safe for people to walk, scoot, wheel, and cycle.”

Paul Jeffrey, West Yorkshire Police lead for the West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership, said: “Excessive or inappropriate speed is a common factor in many collisions. Encouraging safe speeds across the road network to prevent speed-related collisions is key to achieving our Vision Zero ambition. West Yorkshire Police remains committed to working with partners to prevent avoidable deaths and serious injuries on our road network.”