A Morley company which manufactures integral blinds for doors and windows is offering window installers in the Leeds and Bradford areas the opportunity to save money through a free waste glass collection and recycling service, and raise thousands of pounds for good causes in the process.

Morley Glass, which is the UK’s largest manufacturer of premium blinds that are fitted inside the double glazed units of windows and doors, has been collecting old glass units that its customers remove during replacement work for two years. The company crushes these ‘post-consumer’ double glazed units into what is known as cullet, which is then sent to glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain to make new window glass at its Eggborough factory.

It is now extending this post consumer glass collection and recycling service – free of charge – to window and door installers in the local area, regardless of whether they are a Morley Glass customer or not, to boost the amount of glass that is being recycled.

As the crushed glass is such a high quality raw material for making new glass, Morley Glass generates money from its sale to the manufacturer. Every penny raised from this goes into a fund called GreenVision which provides grants of £500 to local charities, groups and individuals who are working to deliver environmental or social benefits in their communities.

The GreenVision fund has supported a wide variety of projects to date, ranging from the volunteers behind Halton in Bloom to dancing scholarships at a Castleford dance academy. But Morley Glass is hoping to attract many more people to apply for grants as awareness of the fund grows.

Ian Short, managing director said, “If you are a window and door installer in the Leeds and Bradford area, we want your old double glazed units! We should be able to provide a free collection service to most people so please get in touch if you are interested.

“It may surprise most people to learn that the vast majority of glass removed when windows and doors are being replaced is not being recycled properly. Often it either ends up in landfill or in low-grade uses like road building which is a terrible waste given that much of it is of such high quality that it can now be crushed and remanufactured into high quality new glass thanks to the technology and processes that Saint-Gobain Glass have developed.

“And most window installers are spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds every year to dispose of their old double glazed units. They don’t need to incur this cost – our service helps installers cut their waste disposal costs and improve their bottom line.”