Leeds marketing consultancy, Fantastic Media, has launched the first consumer-facing campaign for Snacksters, the hero food brand for Summit Foods, to propel its growth trajectory across the value-driven frozen, chilled, and ready-to-eat sectors.

Summit Foods engaged the full-service agency to amplify awareness of the Snacksters’ brand and drive foot traffic to retailers nationwide.

Since Summit Foods and the Snacksters brand was acquired by Abbeydale Food Group in 2017, the business has quadrupled its brand value, achieving £27m value in 2023 and a further 33% growth forecast to over £36m by March next year. With an anticipated turnover exceeding £30 million for the current year, the company is looking to double its growth within the next three years.

Snacksters has grown into the UK’s leading frozen hot snacking brand, with listings in all major retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Aldi, Morrisons and Iceland.

The brand has also penetrated the convenience market by offering solutions across out of home (OOH) channels and their supply chains with its ‘fresher for longer’ grab and go sandwiches, wraps and subs, alongside its East St Deli range of subs, paninis and bagels. Snacksters’ most recent launch is a selection of sandwich fillers, aimed at the catering sector.

Summit attributes Snacksters’ rapid growth to a complete visual overhaul in 2020, new product development and a focus on encouraging frozen retailers to take the Snacksters brand in place of lower quality or tertiary labels.

Similarly, consumers’ evolving habits have driven growth, with a blurring of retail and foodservice, a rise in demand for 24/7 eating occasions, and increasing from work from home habits.

To ensure Snacksters’ continued growth trajectory, Summit has appointed Fantastic Media to refresh the brand’s online presence and deliver a series of impactful ad campaigns focusing on frozen snacking, particularly Snacksters’ iconic Big Stack burgers.

Andrew Hayes, managing director of Summit Foods, said: "Snacksters has grown organically by getting our products on the shelves of some of the UK’s biggest retailers. The brand is increasingly recognised as revitalising categories with historically limited innovation and becoming known as a mark of quality at affordable price points. However, we realised we needed to let more people know about us and to encourage them to hunt us out on the frozen aisles of their favourite supermarkets.

“As a business we’re never short of agencies trying to get us to part with our money but Fantastic have been the first ones to understand the right level at which we needed to get started. Fantastic started with an iNSIGHT process, which was invaluable as it made us look at ourselves, our products, customers and objectives in a structured way before delivering a creative solution that has as much substance as it did style.”

Gary Pattison, director of strategy and insight at Fantastic Media, added: "Our research uncovered that Snacksters' Big Stack burgers offer consumers their favourite takeaway experience at half the price, without the wait. We leveraged this insight to develop compelling ad campaigns centred around the question, 'what are you waiting for?'.

“The ad campaigns showcase the convenience, speed, and value proposition of Snacksters' products. Additionally, we have worked closely with Snacksters' product development team to create innovative burger creations, enhancing the brand's appeal and differentiation in the market.”

Moving forward, Snacksters and Fantastic are poised to launch a comprehensive marketing campaign across various channels, including paid social media and display advertising, with future campaigns planned across television and radio, as well as influencer collaborations.