Hull, Yorkshire: new family business LIFERYDER has achieved a nationwide hit with the development of a brand new stylish ‘Go Anywhere’ kid’s scooter. The growing list of positive customer reviews and feedback for the ‘made in the UK’ brand is set to switch-up the UK market.

Design inspired by their children
Dads Allan Haagensen and Chris Dobson have drawn inspiration from their young children. The former Aerospace engineers have created a patented scooter design. The LIFERYDER Infinity scooter is built to last, made from a recyclable plastic composite.

Allan says “We saw a gap in the market for a scooter that was built to last, which can work on all terrains with the ability to grow and change with the rider’s individuality.

“The 12-inch (30 cm) wheels provide high ground clearance, and off-road tyres mean that the Infinity scooter can be used in all the places enjoyed by children and their families, such as parks, woodland trails and beaches.”

“And because this scooter is designed to be used in many different locations, close to home and further afield, we have made this the first large wheel scooter that is fully foldable, so it can easily be transported in a car.”

Physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors
Chris says: “We have our own young families, so we understand the physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors. We have created a scooter with high-speed bearings and low rolling resistant air tyres. It’s fast and exciting to ride.”

“So, children and teenagers aged 5 to 15 can enjoy the exercise provided by being on their scooters. They’re keeping fit and burning calories without realising it. They are also away from their phones, screens and gaming consoles.”

Challenging the throwaway mentality and landfill culture
The LIFERYDER Infinity scooter has been three years in development, with 21 prototypes. In designing the stylish new scooter, the engineering duo had an eye on the planet as well as performance.

Allan explains: “We set out to create a stylish scooter, but not at the expense of the planet. We have built a scooter which will last. This is a real break from a throwaway mentality and landfill culture and reflects our intention to design a scooter for a circular economy.”

“There are two reasons why parents change scooters for their children – they outgrow them, or the child wants a new look to the scooter.”

The LIFERYDER Infinity scooter is designed to be stylish and grow with a child. It’s fully adjustable for riders 110 cm to 160 cm tall and a maximum weight of 50 kg, aged 5 to 15 years.

Allan continues: “We know that style is important, and we have more than 35 different graphics to enable riders to customise the look of their scooters. As children grow, and their style changes, they can peel off the current graphics and switch them up to a new design. So, our scooters will last for longer.

“Feedback from parents and children tells us that we’ve achieved the cool stylish look we planned. One parent described her child’s scooter as ‘the Lamborghini of scooters.’ We’re happy with that compliment!”

Internet hit with viral and social media marketing
The LIFERYDER team have already scored an internet hit with viral and social media marketing, helping them to sell thousands of the innovative lightweight scooter.

Chris comments: “The response through social media and word of mouth recommendations has been tremendous. You can only purchase our scooters from our website, and we’ve had online orders from families across the whole of the United Kingdom, from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We are now starting to see overseas buyers from Germany and Poland too.”

He adds: “There are literally Liferyders starting to pop up all over the country which is an amazing achievement from our humble start-up business.”

Chris says: “Feedback tells us that parents value a quality product. The Infinity scooter is the only scooter produced in the UK and reflects our commitment to high standard and quality engineering.”

“It’s been important to get the design and quality right. Our patented frame design is safe and engineered to last. It’s also tested to the rigorous British Standard EN14619:2019.”