Event management company Impulse Decisions purchase new offices in Cardale Park in Harrogate as part of significant growth. Having been based at Windsor House for a number of years, their current recruitment plans for 2024 mean they will outgrow their current office space. The new offices will provide them with 2868 sq.ft of space over two floors, and are being designed by Jack Nelson (Walker Interiors), Ian Patterson (Abacus Manufacturing Group Ltd) and Jak Barnes (YAAS Ltd).

James Marsden, chief executive officer explains “I am Incredibly proud to have completed on our new Impulse Decisions offices. From humble beginnings in 2010, hiring out a couple of desks in the Additive-X Ltd offices, to the last 10 years in the brilliant Windsor House, to purchasing our very first offices is very special to the team and I. Even though we’ve got the keys, the hard work starts here as there is plenty of renovation work to be done until we can fully move in. The new space provides us with the opportunity for growth, allowing us to hit our goals of being best in class for our clients and takes us into the next chapter. Thank you to everyone that worked on getting this deal done at Progeny & the agents at Feather Smailes Scales (FSS)”.

The new offices will also allow the company to personalise the new workspace, with a complete focus on the needs of the team and their wellbeing. Libby Addyman, experiences and bookings assistant added, “I can’t wait to move to our new office and have a space that truly reflects who we are as a company. The open plan layout will enable us to work more collaboratively whilst offering a range of spaces for focused work, meetings and team building exercises. I'm excited to see what this next chapter brings for Impulse Decisions as we continue to develop and grow as a team!”.

Jack Nelson who is designing the new interior stated, “Impulse are a unique company, who very much focus on their staff, who have all had input to the new building. The design will very much reflect impulse as a company and brand promoting communal working and a sense of community, whilst providing spaces for focused work and team building exercises etc. It will also enable Impulse to host more external clients/meetings in house as well as networking events in the future. It’s a very exciting project, which we are delighted to be part of.”

The new offices are expected to be ready by June when the whole team will move across.