Leading charity Epilepsy Action has launched a striking new film to support awareness and fundraising work.

The video is called In the Dark and depicts the journey of one person’s experience of epilepsy. The film tackles a complex message with a dramatic approach.

The film was produced by Leeds-based video producers On the Ark. Spokesperson Charlotte Wright says: “We devised an imaginative way of telling this story. The piece uses a head and shoulders shot of the central character, a young woman, in a darkened room filled with suspended light bulbs. The image is accompanied by an engaging soundtrack of key episodes in their experience of epilepsy, from their first seizure to diagnosis, and living with the condition.

“The increasing drama of the footage builds to a scene revealing other people surrounding the woman, all affected by epilepsy, and each discovering the support of Epilepsy Action.”

Commenting on the production, Jon Eaton, communications and digital engagement director at Epilepsy Action says: “We asked On the Ark to respond to a demanding brief – how to bring to life the challenges of an invisible condition, and the overwhelming confusion and loss of control many people feel when they get an epilepsy diagnosis.”

He adds: “Alex, Charlotte and their team have produced an arresting and immersive video, which will be valuable in promoting our fundraising work, improving awareness of epilepsy, and helping people get the support they need.”

In the Dark, created for Epilepsy Action by On the Ark can be seen online. The film was released to coincide with Purple Day, an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide.

Husband and wife team Alex and Charlotte Wright are well established video producers, with cross sector experience in video, TV and animation.