Jon Wray Health and Wellbeing, situated at Park Place in Leeds, has teamed up with ION BODY to introduce Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) personal training—a first for the city.

Supported by scientific evidence, EMS employs a cutting-edge training system utilising low-frequency electrical pulses. Strategically placed electrodes on various muscle groups deliver precise electrical impulses, triggering targeted muscle contractions. This approach enhances overall workout effectiveness by engaging multiple muscles simultaneously, yielding maximum results in just 20 minutes per session, once a week.

The management of the EMS workout is overseen by husband and wife personal trainers, Martin and Samantha Shaw. They discovered this technology in Germany while seeking alternative rehabilitation methods for Martin’s father, who experienced muscle atrophy after a life-threatening traffic accident.

Co-founder of EMS, Martin Shaw, remarked, “After witnessing the positive impact of EMS on my dad's recovery, we were inspired to bring this innovative fitness and rehab solution to our hometown of Leeds. The 20-minute weekly sessions make it a short, motivating, and highly effective option for anyone seeking results.”

Personal trainer Jon Wray expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Having personally experienced the benefits of EMS, I was eager to incorporate it into my studio. The immediate positive impact on mental resilience, joint strength, injury recovery, stress reduction, weight loss, and toning is impressive. I am thrilled to be the first PT in Leeds offering this groundbreaking training programme.”

ION BODY EMS personal training trials are now available at Jon Wray Health and Wellbeing.