Following a successful launch year, Ellers Farm Distillery is expanding its offering with the launch of its Founder’s Release Cask Investment Programme, in collaboration with iconic brewery, T&R Theakston.

The partnership between the two North Yorkshire-based drinks manufacturers was born from a shared passion for excellence and will see a strictly limited release of just 38 casks o carbon neutral new world whisky.

With the whisky market worth £5.5bn to the UK economy, a figure that shows no sign of slowing down (Scotch Whisky Association, 2022), and the projected average annual capital growth rate for whisky casks having climbed to a strong 13.09%, the opportunity for whisky investment has never been greater.

After three years, the value of the whisky casks surge as the new make becomes classed as a scotch whisky.

Andy Braithwaite, managing director of Ellers Farm Distillery, commented: “There’s something very special about whisky. In a world that is increasingly focused on instant gratification and demand through things like social media and an ‘always on’ culture, having something that you must simply wait for builds a genuine anticipation. This is a great opportunity for people to invest in a very special collaboration that benefits from a unique set of circumstances, in a sustainable and highly original way. We’re proud of our Yorkshire roots, and the T&R Theakston collaboration is a true reflection of what can be achieved when experience meets innovation.”

Master Distiller Jamie Baggott, has been responsible for developing a multitude of award-winning spirits, including the renowned Ballykeefe First Release Single Malt and Traditional Pot Still Irish Whiskies

He added: “I have taken all of my knowledge and experience and put it into the creation of our new whisky venture. What excites me the most about the partnership is that unlike most whisky bases, its distiller’s beer is being made by one of the most iconic breweries in the world, using superior quality ingredients married with the very best production methods, honed over centuries by the Theakston family – there’s no other collaboration like this.”

Simon Theakston, joint managing director of T&R Theakston Ltd said: “In the brewing industry it is said that expertise comes with years of practice, but perfection takes a little longer. After nearly 200 years of brewing in Masham we think we know what it takes to brew the perfect ‘distiller’s beer’ for our collaboration whisky partners. We have been working with our colleagues at Ellers Farm on this project for some time now. We each identified early in our discussions a potent bringing together of skills, experience and heritage, anchored in the fields of our county, something so very special. We are at the dawn of a most exciting journey to create a Yorkshire whisky of unimpeachable provenance, authenticity and character, and are thrilled to be involved.”

Ownership of a cask from the Founder’s Release Investment Programme includes a number of benefits including an annual report on the cask’s maturation journey with tasting notes from the Master Distiller and specific data on volumes and ABV and a certificate of ownership along with a number off additional perks that are available to view on the website.

Each cask costs £8,000, which includes the costs of purchasing the cask, 200 litres of new make spirit and all costs associated with the warehousing, insuring and management of the cask for a five-year period. Additional fees apply as part of the bottling process.