DeliVita, the super luxe wood-fired oven brand that combines its Italian heritage with British craftsmanship, has designed a professional version of its wood fired oven.

Measuring in at twice the size of the current oven, The DeliVita Pro has answered the calls from its customers by designing a larger oven to meet the needs of both professional chefs and serious home cooks. Its enhanced dimensions provide more space for alfresco cooking meaning you can perfectly cook three pizzas within four minutes or simultaneously cook a variety of dishes.

In an industry first, The DeliVita Pro will also be dual-fuelled meaning you can use it authentically as a traditional wood-fired oven or you have the option to cook with gas. Plus, utilising its eco-conscious blue flame (0.01 emissions ratio) and taking a mere 16 mins to reach a temperature of 550°C means it is one of the most eco-friendly clay ovens on the market.

Joe Formisano, founder said: “The feedback we receive the most often, mostly from professional chefs, is ‘I wish it was bigger’. We took this as a challenge and we have spent the last 12 months perfecting the dimensions and testing the ergonomics of the larger fibreglass dome. We took a real leap in terms of functionality and introduced a dual-fuel option. We’re still very much committed to our authentic wood-fired oven but dual-fuel enhances its usability particularly in the hospitality sector.”

Famed for its ability to design and manufacture premium, hand-crafted, wood-fired ovens, DeliVita has perfected the recipe for combining style with functionality. This latest addition to the range will no doubt satisfy the appetite of chefs professionally and for those of us who love to indulge in cooking and entertaining at home on a larger scale.

Joe added: “This is a massive leap for us and we have invested heavily to ensure we have designed and created a stand-out oven that delivers and wows like the original wood-fired oven does. The difference is it needs to hold its own in a professional environment or for those who are seriously invested in their outdoor kitchen. It was also very important for us that we made this model as environmentally conscious as possible which we have achieved by incorporating blue flame technology.”

The DeliVita Pro, which is handcrafted in the UK in Yorkshire, features a traditional clay base, hi-tech insulation, brushed marine stainless steel, polished fibreglass shell and new chimney design means that it reaches and, importantly, retains its heat really effectively. The DeliVita Pro, thanks to its cool to touch exterior, is designed to be a table top oven. Also available is a range of accessories such as the Black Iron Dish and Pizza Peel, Pizza Turner, Prod & Blow and Oven Door which are perfectly sized to accommodate various cooking styles, BBQ, Smoker, Tandoor, Slow Cooking and Baking.

This latest announcement from DeliVita comes at a pivotal time for the brand. In the past 12 months alone sales have more than doubled as people invested in garden projects and alfresco dining. As a result, the company has ramped up production by 1,200% compared to two years ago and the company has relocated to larger premises as a result of the team doubling in size in order to sustain momentum and power through ambitious expansion plans.
Now boasting a global fanbase, its Yorkshire crafted ovens sell in more than 15 countries worldwide, ranging from Canada to the United Arab Emirates, whilst individual ovens have travelled to private islands off the Maldives and Japan plus as far as the northern reaches of Iceland.

International orders now account for over 30% of total business, whilst in the UK DeliVita style oozes kerb appeal through premium retailers such as Selfridges, John Lewis and Divertimenti of Knightsbridge.