Safety systems specialist Ardent is proud to announce that its innovative induction hearing loop system, ClearConnect, has received endorsement from the charity Deaf Action for the incorporation of pink noise, setting a new standard in accessibility for individuals who are hard of hearing.

ClearConnect, launched in January 2024, has been specifically engineered to enhance the travel experience for passengers living with deafness, providing seamless communication of vital information, such as 'next stop' announcements and driver alerts, directly to their hearing aids.

Deaf Action is a charity that exists to support the diversity of deaf people in the South of England and Scotland, including users of British Sign Language (BSL), and those who are deafened, deafblind or hard of hearing. Therefore, the charity’s approval of ClearConnect is crucial – solidifying it as an endorsement that reflects the commitment of Deaf Action to advancing accessibility and inclusivity for the diverse spectrum of individuals within the deaf community.

ClearConnect exceeds expectations by incorporating pink noise technology to filter out background interference, thereby eliminating potential discomfort for users. Pink noise, among the various ‘colours’ of noise, serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking to mitigate background distractions, enhance concentration, or promote better sleep, for example.

While white noise has garnered more research attention, studies indicate that pink noise could offer similar benefits, particularly in enhancing focus. Its balanced frequency spectrum, characterised by a consistent decrease in amplitude as frequency increases, creates a soothing sound environment conducive to relaxation and cognitive engagement.

As a result, incorporating pink noise technology, such as in Ardent's ClearConnect, represents a significant advancement in enhancing accessibility and comfort for deaf individuals,, ensuring clear communication amid noisy environments.

In response to this milestone, Megan Wolff, digital inclusion officer from Deaf Action, commented: "We are thrilled about the addition of pink noise to ClearConnect. This marks a significant step forward in improving accessibility for individuals that are hard of hearing. By incorporating pink noise to eliminate background interference, ClearConnect ensures users can access important information with clarity and comfort, ultimately enhancing their overall travel experience."

Emma Kirk, head of sales at Ardent, emphasised the company's commitment to prioritising passenger experience: "ClearConnect has been meticulously designed with the passenger in mind, reflecting our dedication to inclusivity and accessibility in public transport. We believe every individual deserves equal access to information, and ClearConnect achieves this by leveraging innovative technology to deliver a seamless user experience."

ClearConnect has already received praise for its effectiveness, with a successful trial conducted at Brighton & Hove Buses by 15 deaf passengers from The Royal National Institute for Deaf People. The positive feedback from users and Deaf Action underscores ClearConnect's role in revolutionising accessibility for hearing aid users in public transport settings.