Award-winning corporate finance boutique fds launches a new crowdfunding division to support funding in the post-COVID-19 world.

CEO Jo Haigh noticed the potential of crowdfunding raises after seeing how well the platforms were performing at the beginning of lockdown. April 2020 saw the best performance for crowdfunding sites on record raising £6.628.2m in its calendar year.

Although fundraising via crowdfunding is not new to the market, as there are in fact over 600 websites worldwide, it is going to take a different approach to ensure businesses stand out and engage with the audience. There is also the question of which platform suits the type of raise businesses are seeking, such as equity, debt, donation, or reward for example. Ensuring the correct platform chosen could be crucial for a successful raise.

Jo comments "I now believe the appetite from both investors and organisations looking for investment will go stratospheric as other avenues become ever more challenging. Businesses have an opportunity to attract not only investors but also customers via a crowdfunding platform, which creates a ‘double win’ in my opinion."

fds has now launched a complete turnkey solution, to assist businesses not only help secure funding but also engage with the community, who will likely buy or use the product and/or services, as well as promoting them further.