A beautiful Christmas tree has lit up the end of the term celebrations at Wath Court Nursery in Hovingham, near Malton.

The tree, kindly donated by the historic Newburgh Priority Estate at nearby Coxwold, has taken pride of place outside the entrance to Wath Court and has been decorated by the children themselves.

Samantha Smith, the owner of Wath Court, is thrilled with the tree, saying: “This is a wonderfully generous gesture by Stephen Wombwell of Newburgh Priory Estate. We had great fun decorating the tree and our parents are so impressed when they come to drop off and pick up their children.

“The generosity of Stephen, whose children attended our nursery a few years back, is a highlight of our Christmas. Stephen has been donating his trees every year on a regular basis and we are incredibly grateful to him.”

Stephen Wombwell explained: “It’s the least we can do. We know how much fun it is decorating a tree and it is always a pleasure to donate one to Wath Court, where my children had such an enjoyable time.

“Every Christmas for the past eight years we have selected a number of nursery and primary schools, together with churches, in the Coxwold, Malton and Thirsk to give our trees to. We feel it is so important to contribute to the community in which we live and this is a joyful way of doing it.”

Meanwhile the Newburgh Priory Estate Christmas tree operation is going from strength to strength. Following a superb festive season selling all 26,000 of the trees it brought to market last year, the estate is hoping to sell almost 30,000 this year. Sales have been brisk so far.

Newburgh Priory diversified parts of the estate for Christmas trees, shortly after Stephen Wombwell and his family took ownership of the Estate from his father, who retired in 2010.

Selling Christmas Trees below the tomb containing the alleged headless torso of Oliver Cromwell, which lies in the Newburgh Priory Estate attics, adds to the excitement – as Cromwell tried to ban Christmas.
Stephen commented: “We believe that nearly everyone wants to continue to make memories and celebrate at Christmas as best they can – and at the heart of that festive family time is a real Christmas tree.”

The Newburgh Estate has invested in new leading technology, in the form of machinery which cuts, packs and stacks the trees on-site in the fields to ensure a swifter, more sustainable and more efficient operation.

Newburgh Christmas Retail Site will open from 24 November – 24 December.
10am - 4pm Weekends
10am – 6pm Weekdays.

Methley Farm Retail Site will open 18 November – 20 December.
9am – 5pm