"Charity begins at home"- how often have we heard that saying?

Now, more than ever this is particularly pertinent, as we are house bound and charities inparticular are feeling the devastating financial impact of the inevitable cancellation of fundraising events.

Our team member, Mandy Taylor said "Having helped raise fast approaching £3m for charities and good causes across the Yorkshire region, I appreciate first-hand how vital it is that we do not turn our backs on them during the uncertain days, weeks and months ahead"

Our "charity of choice" for 2020 is Wakefield Hospice which is celebrating 30 years of providing the highest level of care for people who have advanced active, progressive and life threatening illness.

On average, the hospice caters for over 300 in-patients and 1,800 day therapy attendances every year. No charge is made for care, they rely on fundraising initiatives and the generosity of the community to meet their annual running costs which exceed £4m, of which £3m needs to be raised by voluntary contributions.

"I am conscious that many people may be watching their finances at the moment, and I am not suggesting that we need to make significant donations (unless we feel able to) however I have quickly calculated that on busy weeks, I probably spent at least £10 on take away hot drinks. Whilst working from home, I will also save money on eating out,fuel, dry cleaning and socialising. Surely, this will apply to many more people too and how wonderful it would be if we could all pledge to make a regular donation, no matter how large or small" Mandy commented.

The hospice needs to raise almost £11k per day and provides an invaluable service, should you feel compelled to learn more please do visit:


We pledge to continue exploring how best we can help the hospice and ensure our contriubtion makes a real difference.