Most charities are so hyper-focused on the important work they deliver, that they don’t invest in their marketing, explains a leading web design agency who specialises in transforming the websites of charities. Huddersfield based agency, Fallen Leaf Design have recently completed a ‘game-changing’ website for national charity, Association of Child Protection Professionals. Helping the charity reach that next level by improving their efficiency to create more members, and inevitably to make a bigger impact on those they serve.

Company director, Adam Welsh, said: “Charities deserve to capitalise on digital technology, and it can ensure their sustainable success too. We want to use technology to create change and impact on people’s lives. Having a great website can reduce business admin, drive revenue and be a cost-effective shop front without massive overheads. We’re not just a web design company we’re a solutions provider,” said Adam 39.

Adam and his team of five turned his passion into a business nine years ago and now specialises in helping charities streamline their business, but most of all enable them to serve more people.

“We love working with charities because we can use technology to really help them focus on the important work they’re doing,” added Adam who has just completed his latest website for York-based charity AoCPP.
AoCPP are a charity that support and train the people that support vulnerable children and young adults in the UK.

AoCPP had an existing website which was costly to maintain, and they were on an annual contract with limited options. Fortunately, the charity were referred to Fallen Leaf and were seen as the ‘right fit’ to help them achieve their goals. Fallen Leaf Web Design could take the charity from feeling stuck to sustainable. The new website is now more accessible for visually impaired individuals, cognitively impaired, deaf or hard of hearing and an aging population. Director Adam says “70% of UK websites currently exclude 20% of the population which means that these site visitors never return. By making simple changes to the website, we can improve how long visitors stay on the website, and who can access the information.”

The team at Fallen Leaf are able to use their expert knowledge to transform any website with their advanced technical solutions which make it easier for the client to use.

“AoCPP are a membership organisation, so the objective was to streamline the member process, signpost information easier and allow the charity to reduce admin tasks and increase memberships, which ultimately helps their charity to make a return on their investment” explained Adam who always wants to make sure the third sector get as much value from their marketing activities as possible.

Charity spokesperson, Helen Wilson said “Adam and the team at Fallen Leaf Web Design worked closely with us to understand our organisation and to help us become clearer about what a high functioning, good quality website could do for us. The project was well managed and collaborative from the start. The new site was delivered ahead of schedule and has already generated an increase in memberships for the AoCPP and given us the ability to manage more of our events via the website freeing up our valuable administrative resource to concentrate on other work. We will continue to work with Fallen Leaf as they support us to develop the e-commerce element of our income generation strategy. The down-to-earth, approachable, and can-do attitude of this company make them a pleasure to work with.”

The website ( now allows for e-commerce, a new member’s platform and the charity can sell events through the platform, reducing their business admin.

To Fallen Leaf, it’s a simple solution but for the charity it has been a game changer. “What we’ve done for the charity has really laid that foundation for them - they’ve got the platform to really build on which they didn’t have before. The website makes a real impact and is much clearer in it’s proposition and communication with members and site visitors.

Fallen Leaf Web Design proudly say that they are always looking for their web solutions to generate revenue for the business, is the right fit and produces exceptional value. Many agencies can create a website, but where Fallen Leaf excel is with the planning, understanding of the objectives and taking a holistic approach. “For our team it’s about making an impact not just making a profit,” Adam added.

Fallen Leaf Web Design now works with many charities after discovering the benefits they could offer non-profits.

Adam said: “We call the third sector ‘profit for good’ organisations as we know that they do need to drive a revenue and save money to do more good in the world.”