Chadwick Lawrence, a leading law firm in Yorkshire, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the GB Under 20 Ultimate Frisbee team as they gear up for the World Championships in July. The sponsorship includes serving as the team's main sponsor, with Chadwick Lawrence's logo prominently displayed on the team's jerseys.

Jonathan Moore, partner at Chadwick Lawrence, with years of experience in coaching team sports, is one of three dedicated individuals who lead the GB Under 20 Ultimate Frisbee team. Reflecting on his journey into coaching physical preparation within Ultimate Frisbee, he shared, "I was initially asked to help out at a trial last season for benchmark testing. What started as lending a hand turned into a passionate commitment to coaching this group."

The team, consisting of 23 dedicated athletes from across the UK, has been training together since the national trials concluded earlier this year. Jonathan highlighted the rigorous nature of Ultimate Frisbee, noting its physical demands and intense gameplay involving short bursts of intensity throughout 80-minute matches.

Discussing the sponsorship, Neil Wilson, managing partner of Chadwick Lawrence, expressed his enthusiasm for supporting the team. "As a firm deeply involved in our community, we saw a great opportunity to support these talented athletes. Our involvement goes beyond providing financial assistance; it's about enabling them to compete at the highest level possible."

Training sessions for the GB Under 20 Ultimate Frisbee team encompass a comprehensive approach, focusing on work with the disc, strategy, strength, endurance, agility, and mobility. With the upcoming World Championships set to take place in Birmingham, the team is gearing up to face formidable opponents from around the globe, including the USA, Italy, France, Canada, and Japan.

The team's goal is to clinch a medal at the World Championships, building on their impressive performance at the 2023 Euro Championships where they finished fourth. "We're setting our sights on a medal this year and we’d like that to be gold! The dedication and talent of these young athletes is truly inspiring, and we believe they have the work ethic and dedication to succeed on the world stage," says Jonathan.

The World Championships will be a week-long event, showcasing the top talents in Ultimate Frisbee from various countries. The GB Under 20 Ultimate Frisbee team will be aiming to make their mark and improve their standing in the global rankings.

Jonathan Moore concluded with a reflection on the holistic approach to preparation for elite competition. "Technical, tactical, and physical preparation is about building a vibrant culture and positive performance environment so that the athletes’ physical and psychological ability, determination, and resilience can thrive. There's nothing more rewarding than contributing to a team's journey towards success (in whatever form that takes), and we as GB coaches are privileged to be part of it."