The Yorkshire Publicity Association (YPA) is preparing to commemorate its centenary, marking a hundred years of dedicated efforts in promoting the creative industries of Yorkshire. Established in 1923 as The Publicity Club of Leeds, under the guidance of Stuart Hirst, it predates the Advertising Association which it then joined – as shown on this photograph of the impressive Chairman’s medal on the chain of office. In later years Honorary Presidents included Advertising Association’s grandees of the industry, David Bernstein and Winston Fletcher as well as Lord Mayors of Leeds and The Earl of Harewood as Patron.

Over time the club became the Publicity Association of West Yorkshire (PAWY) and incorporated the Bradford and Sheffield Associations, to become the Yorkshire Publicity Association, fondly known as ‘The Pub Club’. The YPA played a pivotal role in recognizing and celebrating outstanding creativity in advertising and design. The famous Drum Roses Awards began life as the White Rose Awards in Leeds. In 1992 their replacement the prestigious YPAwards attracted, as chair of judges, Sir John Hegarty, of Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty, famous for the iconic Levi's 501 'Launderette' commercial.

Beyond its promotional efforts, the YPA also demonstrated a commitment to philanthropy and community engagement. Collaborating with initiatives like YORACT the association has supported various charitable causes, making a positive impact on the lives of individuals in Yorkshire. Furthermore, in recent years through the continuing work of Shirley Cummings the YPA facilitates networking and collaboration through events such as the highly successful Christmas Ball at Rudding and the Summer Party, fostering connections among media houses, businesses, and creative professionals from over the Pennines.

The YPA has been a catalyst for industry engagement and knowledge sharing. Regular meetings held at prominent Yorkshire media outlets, including YTV and Radio Aire, provided valuable opportunities for professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and stay updated on the latest trends. The association's commitment to fostering a creative community was further evidenced by hosting speakers at venues like the Original Oak in Headingley, where industry experts shared their insights and inspired attendees – very appropriate for ‘The Pub Club’.

As part of the celebrations to mark the YPA's centenary a small reception will be hosted by the Lord Mayor of Leeds later this year with former association chairmen. Any of those who have lost touch should contact: Robert McClements (