Businesses can invest a lot of money in marketing. They always chase the chance to reach more people.

Even colleges throw billions at marketing to appeal more to students, desperate to stay relevant. There's content and social media marketing, Google Ads, YouTube Shorts, and a host of other ploys that organizations and institutions use to appeal to the masses.

Still, big spending doesn't always lead to big results. There are savvier ways to market a company, many of which can be done for free.

Create Business Cards
Business cards have a charming appeal to them, especially if they're well-designed. They've been around forever and can also function as a little keepsake for fans of a firm.

Better yet, companies can use Adobe’s business card maker to design something special without incurring large fees. They can customize their efforts with different color schemes, backgrounds, text layouts, and fonts and be as creative as they like. Alternatively, firms could use a ready-made template to hasten the design process.

No matter the type of business being run, business cards can be useful and help them establish a unique brand identity for the company. Designing them for free also means enterprises can experiment with different designs without the added pressure of adhering to strict budgets. It's also concentrated marketing, getting to the core of what their business does and how it can be contacted, respecting the recipient's time.

Request Testimonials
It's not desperate for businesses to ask customers to share a positive remark about a business. Firms should politely request that they do.
There are many ways they can do this. They could program a pop-up to materialize once the customer has checked out on the online store, asking them to rate and review the service. Additionally, firms might also wish to email them after their purchase to thank them for their custom and politely request feedback. With their permission, companies could share the remarks on their website.

Positive customer testimonials can turn passive customers into brand advocates without requiring any further investment on your part. They should be glad to spread the word if businesses provide high-quality, impressionable service.

Embrace Free Guest Posts
Blogging is a great way to market a business. Firms should already have the tech needed to publish content, as all that's required is a basic computer.
Instead of confining a firm's reach to its own website, businesses can expand their influence amongst others instead. They can approach websites related to their industry and request to submit a guest post free of charge. The exposure is rewarding enough, and they can provide some interesting commentary on industry trends or some of their firm's activities. They could welcome the guest posts of other entities as well. Once they establish these links, their respective audiences can merge.

There's a lot of potential here, but companies should ensure they only work with responsible entities. Researching their reputation before they engage is crucial. What types of content do they put out? Do they get a lot of engagement on social media? Though they're working for free, their time must be well-spent on these initiatives.