Wakefield’s newest independent quality coffee shop, Caffe Noor, have donated 50% of their profit this month to Wakefield District Council to help children and vulnerable families in the area.

The cafe, located in Trinity Walk, has made a commitment to supporting local social funding and this month's share of profits will go toward Wakefield Council in a bid to help the community.

This donation was presented at their first event, which saw the likes of Great British Bake Off’s Karen Wright, and Castleford Tigers star Pete Matautia in attendance.

Wakefield councillor Maureen Cummings, who received the donation said, “I can’t believe the way in which Caffe Noor wants to give back to the people of Wakefield, particularly the children, as they help to tackle poverty within the district. It’s absolutely commendable and I am so proud to collect this cheque from them.”

This might be the first cheque of it’s kind from Caffe Noor, but it certainly won’t be the last, as the focus of the store is on giving back to the community.

Each month Caffe Noor will split it’s profits 50/50 with half of the money going towards funding local projects in the area, and the other half towards opening another coffee shop in a new city.

This is done in the hope that the group can give back to as many different communities as possible.

Rob Campbell, group CEO said, “ Caffe Noor will go from success to success, you can begin to see them everywhere and we will do the same to help these communities as we are doing here in Wakefield.”

The continued monthly donations from Caffe Noor will help to support those in need across the district.

Mike Flett, Chairman of Trustees of the Ziya Foundation, “We’re absolutely delighted at what Caffe Noor has done for this charity, and the generosity of this donation along with Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill who have helped establish Caffe Noor.”

Caffe Noor’s, ‘coffee with a conscience’ focus is what sets them apart from other local businesses as they continue on their mission to give back to the community.